Monday, August 17, 2009

Viking! Update04

Thought I'd share my recent work. Not done with the modeling still some tweaks I want to perform. This is probably one of the more complicated models I've done, the scale mail is tough, still need to move those little guys around some more. So far I've only zbrushed the horse, his face, and arm sleeve. I do want to texture him but it could be awhile before I ever get around to that.
He's supposed to be sleeping on the job. I want to tweak his pose a little more to get that across, such as, having his head resting against the spear, and having him leaning over a little more on the saddle.

It's getting some attention at Zbrush Central - Link

Update 04
Here is a an update with some textureing work.

Update 03

Update 02


Gabriel Olson said...

Freaking fantastic! You are really cutting out a spot as a great cg artist.

mike said...

dude.... I am so blown away!!!!! I gotta up my game now! christ!