Blur Projects

Batman: Arkham Origins 

Job: Lead Lighting, Compositing, Set Dressing, on interior shots.  Modeled Deadshot Character

Dead Rising 3 

Job: Lighting, Compositing, Set Dressing, Zombie Modeling

League of Legends

Job: Lead Lighting, Compositing, Set Dressing on Garen vs Tryndamere

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Job: Lighting, Compositing, Various Character Modeling on Wonder Woman Shots

Dark Souls 2

Job: Lighting, Compositing, Env Modeling, Set Dressing

Planetside 2 Trailer

Job: Lighting, Compositing, Set Dressing


Job: Lighting, Compositing, set dressing on 7 shots.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Job: All zombies I modeled, textured, and did shaders.  I also lit and composited on 5 shots. 

 DC Universe Online - In Lex We Trust

Job: Lighting, Compsiting, Environment set dress and re-modeling  (This youtube video is a little dark I'll re-post it once I find one that isn't so dark)


Batman Arkham City Trailer 

Job: Lighting, Compsiting


FireFall Trailer

Job: Lighting, Compsiting



DC Universe Online Trailer 

Job: Some environment Modeling, Lighting, Compsiting

The Goon Teaser Trailer
Job: Tommy Gun modeling and texturing

Bioshock: Infinite Trailer

Job: Modeling most of environment, Lighting, and compositing

Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Ad 
Job: Lighting, Environment model/setup, Compositing

 Transformers: War for Cybertron 

Job: Lighting and Compositing Shots