Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Bioshock Infinite images

Recently the Bioshock Infinite trailer won game trailer of the year so I thought I'd share some more images of what I worked on in that trailer. Congrats to the whole team that worked hard on this project

This is the balcony environment I modeled and textured. Character model done by Steve Jubenville and roses done by Zack Cork.

Another Balcony shot

A close-up of the balcony and a shot of the stained glass I did for it.

The fish tank environment I modeled, textured, lit, and comped

I also made the fish tank toy that was supposed to resemble Big Daddy

Another image of the the fish tank toy.

I modeled a lot of the environment and set dressed it. Paul Frieling modeled some buildings in this shot also


Mac said...

What kind of software do you use for modeling it?

Eric Durante said...

wow sorry I missed this comment. I used 3ds max for modeling and lighting.