Saturday, May 2, 2009

Giant Post

Well, I'll be in Italy for the next two weeks so I thought I'd post some work-in-progress images and Apple Jacks stuff before I'm off.

Viking and Trader: I still have texturing work to do and some modeling on these guys left to do. I really want to make these two mint so look out for the finish of these two when I get back from Italy.

Some fun Zbrush Sculpts

A new render of Venom and a crazy monster thing inspired by the concept art from Guild Wars.

These are some props I modeled & textured for the Apple Jacks: Big Apple commercial. I also lit and rendered a couple shots in the commercial and modeled & textured the tree, rocks, various shrubs and stuff. (Bent Image Lab)

Heres the spot

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mike said...

what a post dude! you've been way busy! the characters and weird creature mount really stands out.