Thursday, March 19, 2009


I've been working on the model of a clydesdale on and off. The model was done in 3ds max, and detailed in zbrush.
A technical note: At work and home we've been using gamma 2.2. The default gamma in 3ds max is 1.0. With gamma 2.2 it is boosting the colors, not sure technically if that is right, but anyways it actually changes the values of the RGB channel in maps, which will mess up your normal maps. So for awhile I have not been able to use normal maps at work or home. Until we discovered that gamma 2.2 is the problem and that to get around this problem when you select a texture map file in the material editor, in max, you tell the computer to over-ride the system gamma, if you are using gamma 2.2, and select gamma 1.0 and your normal maps should work!!!

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