Friday, April 18, 2008

Online Class Assignment #1

I am taking a online class in Art History and for one of the assignments we had to create an image that had qualities of one of the styles we are studying. I took my inspiration from the Post-Impressionist, even though this doesn't really look like a Post-Impressionist work I think it has qualities of that style: vivid colors, thick application of paint, distinctive brushstrokes and real-life subject matter.
A bit about my process. Instead of smoothing out my initial strokes I left them. I didn’t try to define everything and even left some pixels/polygons in the hair. After the sculpt I took it in to photoshop and used broad unrefined strokes of blues and reds. I wanted to create an emotion of forlornness, like this guy has been left in the rain or he’s waiting for something that’s not going to come. The red I want as a kind of tension, that something traumatic happened or is going to happen and that maybe that event has left him in sadness.

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